2017 KTM SX 50

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The orange, white and black 2017 KTM SX 50.

The 2017 KTM SX 50 is designed for kids who are taking their first step into the world of motocross. — KTM Canada photo

KTM gave us the first glimpse of its 2017 off-road lineup in early May by unveiling the mini motocross range. Four new models were released, including the entry-level SX 50. Designed for young kids who are just starting out in the world of motocross, this bike comes ready to race with top quality components.

For 2017, the SX 50 gets a new WP AER 35 air-sprung front fork and fully adjustable rear suspension. It also benefits from a newly developed exhaust pipe that KTM says “provides better power delivery and more peak performance over the entire rev range.”

Other features include an automatic clutch that is easy to adjust according to track conditions and bodywork that makes the SX 50 look exactly like KTM’s full-size line of SX-F motocross bikes—like father, like son.

According to KTM, the SX 50 is meant for kids aged four to 10 years old, but if you think it’s still too much bike for your little one, there is a scaled-down version of it called the SX 50 Mini.

For more info, see the website.

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