Westlock Motocross Track

What makes Westlock’s track unique is the friendly family atmosphere

by Susan Lohrer

Rider Brett Rupert burns around the Kuster MX Park in Westlock, Alberta.

Rider Brett Rupert burns around the Kuster MX Park in Westlock, Alberta. — Photo courtesy Alberta Oldtimers Motocross

If you’re over 30 and are into the motocross scene in Alberta, you’ll want to make sure Kuster MX Park is on your list of tracks where you plan to race.

Kuster MX Park, managed by Alberta Oldtimers Motocross (AOTMX), is located 85 kilometres north of Edmonton. The track, which has been described as “outdoor supercross style with a deep sand section,” is challenging without being overly difficult, so the track is very rideable and popular with racers of all ages and abilities. There’s also a separate peewee track for 50-cc bike riders.

The track has grown over the years, and additional improvements were undertaken in 2015 including a new section to add even more length as well as a new rhythm section. Originally built and maintained by the people of Westlock, the track sat unmaintained for a while, and then AOTMX came in and worked alongside the town to make it the thriving park it is today.

Racers will more often than not enjoy blue skies and sunshine at Westlock, according to AOTMX vice-president Bobby Warring, who has been riding there since he was 12, adding, “But what really makes Westlock’s track unique is the friendly family atmosphere.”

The main track is geared toward oldtimers, but overall the facility is family-oriented, because when parents ride, their kids usually ride, too. And lots of kids come to hang out at the park while their parents are racing, so AOTMX started to bring in support classes for riders who are under 30. It was a good move. Race events now easily bring in 200-plus riders and 500-plus visitors in total because the facility is so nice, and it’s close to town. AOTMX president Angela Martyshuk is pleased with the park’s history of strong ties with the town of Westlock. “We get no complaints,” she said about this valued part of the community.

Kuster MX Park racing is for members only (membership for a racer includes the racer’s spouse and children). Riders too young to qualify for membership have asked whether it would be better financially for the club to let everyone become a member, prompting this delightful oldtimer response that made it into the Q&A section of aotmx.ca: “Yes, fortunately we are not in it for the money.” Membership does have its benefits. Anyone who has a track membership is welcome to open ride at any time while AOTMX members participate in the races, which are held two or three times per year. Camping at the track is free for all riders and racers, and there’s plenty of room with overflow space at the nearby tractor pull area.

Upcoming events in 2016 include oldtimer races May 7 & 8 and June 25 & 26, weather permitting. And if a race should happen to be rained out, the town of Westlock is a great place to visit.


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