Two guys on dirt bikes racing.

XRider Zone Racing on a sheet of ice

Six hours of full-throttle racing on a sheet of ice—think you can handle it? Why not try it out and see. The 2013 season for the Alberta Endurance Ice Racing Association (AEIRA) is in full swing, and Cory Laird,  vice-president of the AEIRA, said that new members are always welcome to join the series. 


A young woman flies over a jump against a background of yellow canola.

XRider Zone Riding like a girl

Most of us couldn’t even ride a pedal bike when we were four years old. Shelby Turner, on the other hand, was already competing in dirt bike races by that age. 

by Kristen Cook

A blonde teenager leaning against her dirt bike

XRider Zone Ice racing with Kyrstin Orr

Kyrstin Orr is the youngest woman competing in the Stake Lake ice race, held 25 kilometres south of Kamloops, B.C., but it doesn’t faze her.

by Breanne Massey

A guy riding around a turn on a dirt bike with dust billowing

XRider Zone A class act

When the Canadian Enduro Championship became a reality in 2009, Jason Schrage took an immediate liking to the enduro format and won the E3 class championship.

by Steve Shannon

A woman dirt biker riding through mud

XRider Zone Mind over matter

In 2010, Victoria Hett became the first Canadian woman to finish the International Six Days Enduro, earning a bronze medal and finishing eighth out of 20 women.

by Steve Shannon

A guy leaning into a corner riding a dirt bike

XRider Zone In it to win it

B.C.'s Bobby Prochnau is accelerating to the top in the endurocross world. With two wins and a second place under his belt so far in the 2011 season, things are looking up for the 25-year-old logger.

by Steve Shannon