Photo of an older gentleman and a middle-aged man standing in front of a BMW motorcycle with a trailer attached to it. The rig is parked beside the ocean. Motorcycle Zone //
Crossing Canada on a Goldwing

Alberta motorcyclist Wayne Hamm is taking his 77-year-old stepfather, Bruce Wheeler, on a month-long ride from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. 



Dirt bikers watch as a person on a red ATV drives through ruts on a dirt trail. ATV Zone //
Celebrating the summer solstice

There was more than just a little excitement in the air when we arrived at the Rover staging area between Nelson and Castlegar, B.C., on June 22, 2012. Close to 60 riders showed up for this year’s Summer Solstice Ride. 



A lady in a blue jacket riding a red quad is in front of two other ATVs riding on a grassy trail. ATV Zone //
Rally good times

The Timber Trails ATV Club in Big River, Saskatchewan, kicked off their riding season with a spring rally on May 12, 2012. 



bike on the side of the road Motorcycle Zone //
Bugs in my teeth

Beverley Kaltenbruger from Lethbridge, Alberta, shares the story of her first ride on a dirt bike and how it established a lifelong passion for the open road. 



RidersWest July 2012 eNewsletter: For the thrill of the ride!


Snomobile Product GEARBOXX //
Northern BC Backroad Mapbook (3rd Edition)

From bush roads and backcountry trails to paddling routes and fishing spots, no stone is left unturned in the new Northern BC Backroad Mapbook (3rd Edition). 


Snomobile Product GEARBOXX //
Ogio No Drag Mach Series moto pack line

Available in three different styles, the No Drag Mach series of backpacks are designed to prevent wind drag and enhance motorcycle riding performance. 


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RidersWest logo RidersWest Insider
Vernon hosts hot victory for CGRT

The first round of the Royal Distributing/WEC Canadian Off Road Championship kicked off in Vernon, B.C.

{img_alt} Ride On! // Kirsten Armleder
Catching up with Shane Cuthbertson

Shane Cuthbertson, 36, has been a strong contender in off-road dirt bike racing for more than 20 years. 

{img_alt} The Scoop// Trish Drinkle
Meeting in the middle

It’s not a one-or-the-other-kind of thing. It’s not down with the greenies because I dig two-stroke smoke. The old stereotype of the irresponsible powersports fanatic is now replaced by people who are simply out to enjoy life.

{img_alt} Moto Mayhem // Jim Muir
Vancouver Island MX season review: Part 1

There's just one more race to run to complete the Vancouver Island Motocross Championship Series.

{img_alt} Inside Your Ride // Justin Surina
Let your senses be your guide

Whether you are riding a dirt bike, ATV or UTV—your sense of sight, hearing, touch and smell are important allies when it comes to understanding your unit.


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