Year-round dirt biking with studded tires

How to keep riding in the snow

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A photo of the studded tire on Shayne Ducharme's dirt bike.

Four season riding makes every moto lover grin from ear to ear. — Photo courtesy Shayne Ducharme

The lingering of winter: a frustrating time for hardcore dirt bikers. Unless you are Shayne Ducharme. 

Ducharme and his company have made many a moto enthusiast smile throughout the winter months by equipping their bikes, ATVs and side-by-sides with unique tungsten carbide traction studs. Grip studs help to maintain superior grip and traction on even the most slippery surfaces. 

If you are pure moto through and through, check out for more information. With grip studs for all makes and models, winter will not be simply for snowmobiles and snow bikes anymore.  

Once a snowmobiler, Ducharme curiously ventured forth into the dirt bike world. He enjoyed his moto adventures so much he made the decision to dedicate his rec time to dirt bikes and dirt bikes only. Sleds be gone. When he went stir crazy in the winter months, some suggested he try ice racing. However the frigid temperatures of Alberta, where most ice racing is held, were not so appealing to Ducharme. He loves the mild temperatures of the Creston Valley that he calls home and wanted to extend his season there. 

He purchased a set of ice racing tires and gave them a whirl, but he knew he wanted something more. He wanted to enjoy cross country style dirt biking in the winter months, which is exactly what he did. By incorporating these unique studs into very select cross country dirt bike tires, he is able to ride literally year round. 

Safer riding in all seasons

This isn’t simply toodling around the trails. Ducharme takes it hard core, hill climbing, jumping and riding as aggressively as he would in the summer months. Skeptics were quickly won over, for with the use of the Grip Studs not only did their season lengthen, but riding year round significantly improved their skill level. Ducharme met the same riders in cross country races each year, and they noticed how much skill he had gained simply from riding more. Their seasons were limited to six months at best, while Ducharme embraced a full 12 months of riding. 

Hill climbing in the winter provides a unique type of adrenaline rush. Some of these are hills most riders wouldn’t attempt in the summer months, yet Ducharme and his friends equipped with studded tires not only tackle the hills, they conquer them.

“Ascending over the top is your only choice,” said Ducharme. “No one wants to ride that icy hill back down!”

The studs are not only for winter months. They make the in-between time that much more enjoyable, said Ducharme. In the fall and the spring when conditions are slippery and unpredictable, studded tires make riding a piece of cake. Slippery logs are no match for these tires, giving riders an enjoyable, safe experience. 

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