RidersWest Contributors

photo of Karen Kornelsen

Karen Kornelsen

After getting her degree in journalism in 2009, Karen Kornelsen spent the last few years tackling breaking news and in-depth issues. She worked in TV, radio and print and can be found uncovering the latest news wherever she happens to be in the East Kootenay.

photo of Jim Muir

Jim Muir

Jim Muir competed for several years as a motocross racer. He retired from his racing career at the age of 47 and now Muir’s son is following in his footsteps.

photo of Kirsten Armleder

Kirsten Armleder

As a writer for RidersWest, I get to speak with top riders in the industry, learn about new products on the market and hear great riding stories from readers.

photo of Justin Surina

Justin Surina

Justin Surina is a shop foreman and mechanic at Main Jet Motorsports in Nelson, B.C. He brings more than 10 years of experience into play as a Red Seal journeyman, Polaris master technician, Cat master technician and a KTM orange level technician.

photo of Trish Drinkle

Trish Drinkle

Trish Drinkle is a parts, sales and customer service representative at T & T Power Sports Ltd. in Bonnyville, Alberta. We are pleased to have Drinkle as a contributing columnist on RidersWest and SnoRiders.

photo of Wayne Hamm

Wayne Hamm

Wayne has been fortunate enough to have been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years now, starting as a young teen when his grandfather rented a Yamaha 100 twin jet for him in the Stanhope Beach area on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

photo of Danielle Cameron

Danielle Cameron

Danielle Cameron is a writer and web editor for several publications, and she has been practising as a Certified Herbal Practitioner since 2005.

photo of Steven Radel

Steven Radel

Steven Radel is the head mechanic and shop foreman at T&T Powersports in Bonnyville, Alberta. Originally from Australia, Radel spends his fun time ripping it up on sleds, dirt bikes and street bikes with his fiancèe, Alix.

photo of Kristen Mitchell

Kristen Mitchell

Kristen is a contributing writer to RiderWest who enjoys outdoor activies and winter sports.

photo of Nicole Lind

Nicole Lind

Nicole started at Koocanusa Publications in 2012 as a web marketer and writer.

photo of Sam King

Sam King

Sam King is a young Australian motorcycle athlete and business owner with a promising future and a great history of results in the worlds of moto-trials, endurocross and freestyle trials.

photo of Jillian Clark

Jillian Clark

Jillian loves to help others share their stories, and writing for RidersWest lets her do just that.

photo of Timothy Fowler

Timothy Fowler

Timothy Fowler is a freelance writer, Red Seal Chef and RV traveler. His curiosity about fire and food leads him to write about both.

photo of Kyle Born

Kyle Born

Kyle has held a variety of job titles through the years: radio announcer, voice actor, English teacher, delivery driver, missionary, wedding DJ, comedian and several other things that he may have forgotten because his memory isn’t always the best, which is why he writes things down.