Top tips to keep your ATV (and you!) out of trouble

Keep your powersports machine upright with this invaluable information


The sunshine glows beyond towering snowy mountains and cloudy skies in the distance. Two ATVers park on a snowy trail to admire the view.

Being prepared every time you head out riding means being able to repair small breakdowns, navigating your way home after getting turned around, being able to get a message to family from far outside cell coverage and having the supplies necessary to stay warm and dry should you become stranded. — Photo courtesy Clint Ingham

There’s no way to eliminate every potential hazard when it comes to ATVing, but there are plenty of steps to take to ensure you don’t end up upside down and pinned under your machine. A Quadbar could help with that. Or perhaps you’re wondering how to navigate a trail occupied by horseback riders. We’ve got you covered there too.

Take a look at our extensive list and keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Safety gear for trail riding

What are some essential pieces of safety gear?


An off-road rider is going down a dirt trail through some bushes.

What gear do you need to have a safe ride? — Photo courtesy butkovicdub/Morguefile

Even though “all the gear all the time” means different things to different people, everybody can make great safety choices that lead to enjoyable trail rides.

Don’t get crushed—equip a Quadbar

The Quadbar prevents death and serious injuries due to ATV rollovers


David Sullivan stands next to an ATV with a Quadbar

David Sullivan believes ATVs should be equipped with Crush Protection Devices (CPD) like the Quadbar. — Photo courtesy David Sullivan

David Sullivan, president of Quadbar Industries in Kelowna, B.C., has made it his mission to protect fellow ATVers.

Wildfire safety reminders for ATVers

ATVers can do their part in preventing new forest fires from starting by keeping the following things in mind


Fire burning through pine trees.

According to the BC Wildfire Service during the last 10-year average—taken from 2011 to 2020—on average, 42% of wildfires are human-caused and 58% are lightning-caused. — Gilitukha/iStock/Thinkstock photo

ATVers need to be extra careful where they ride when wildfires are a threat.

Safe to operate my generator in the rain? No, moisture exposure ruins it

GenTent manufactures tents that fit 2,000 different generators


GenTent over a generator.

Protecting your generator investment from moisture is critical. — Photo courtesy GenTent

You hauled your generator into the backcountry because you need it, so now cover it so it will work.

Winter maintenance and safety tips for ATVers

Prepare yourself for the worst of winter or use the offseason to prep your machine for spring riding


A row of ATVs ride next to each other on a snowy trail.

Winter is the perfect time to prepare your machine, safety gear and emergency supplies so when spring rolls around, you’re ready to hit the trails. — Photo courtesy Clint Ingham

Decide what’s right for your ride this winter, from emergency supplies to survival gear to navigational aids and communications devices.

Safety first when meeting horseback riders on the trail

Like north and south, ATVs and horses are polar opposites.


An ATVer approaching a horseback rider.

In Western Canada, ATVers and horseback riders share many of the same trails. — Duke Armleder photo

Common sense, communication and courtesy can go a long way in making the encounter between ATVers and horseback riders safe and positive.

ATV Safety: Regulations and Common Sense

Are the safety warning labels on ATVs for real?


Matthew Lohrer riding in Creston, B.C.

Matthew Lohrer riding in Creston, B.C. — Susan Lohrer photo

ATV safety is about more than just using appropriate safety gear. It’s also about making smart riding choices.

ATV and RV Fire Safety Tips

The Camping and RVing BC Coalition has gathered some new safety tips and travel advice about wildfires and safety


Grass fire.

The heat from the exhaust systems of ATVs can sometimes cause wildfires, especially when idling near tall grass. — Photo courtesy Country105/Global News

By being aware, working together and caring for the forested backyard we love—we can reduce human caused fires.

Quadbar makes Australia the world leader in ATV safety

Simple. Effective. And it could save your life


A rollover test of the Quadbar, showing the life-saving space underneath the ATV.

A rollover test of the Quadbar, showing the life-saving space underneath the ATV. — Photo courtesy of Quadbar Industries Australia

The Quadbar crush protection device is designed to prevent injuries or deaths due to ATV rollover accidents.

Safe ATV operation starts with effective training

Educate yourself about safe ATV operation

ATVs are fun—take the training and keep yourself, your crew and the places you ride safe.

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